Walmart Example Essay


I. Executive Summary

Walmart, biggest full discounted store established by Mike Walton in 1950 provides mark a remarkable success in the US. His approach of purchasing in high quantity while providing low and still gain a mark up made it popular that managed to get enviable to competition. Key to his concept is definitely high amount purchases, useful logistics, and advanced supply chain technology, which substantially reduced cost and maximize financial systems of size. From its initial store in 1950s to supercenter in '88, to great development in '95, spread in 15 countries in '05, and global reach for 50th anniversary in 2012. Under new leadership of CEO Robert Duke, the ambitious program of expansion comes to perform given the very best challenges in legal, economic and politics issues.

II. Statement from the Problem

While Walmart made a tremendous achievement in the stores, how can they will support your the plan of worldwide expansion offered the politics and economical challenges.

III. Case Objective

To suggest real strategic programs towards the understanding of the think of having a global reach this year.

IV. Case Analysis

SWOT Examination

External Elements

Opportunities| Threats

* Global Growth * Newly Opened Stores in US * Strong per household income 5. Big money spending of consumers 2. Larger market reach thru online access| * Competition * Personal issues and govt positions * Govt regulations 5. Market saturation * Financial reccesion| Strengths| Weakness

* Big/ large low cost offers 2. International benefits * Interstate reach 5. Leverage in suppliers 2. Brand Dedication and term recall * Wide variety of options: house brands and personal brands 2. Extensive different types of goods| 5. No regular store structure * Huge parking places to accommodate multitudes especially over the weekends 5.

Versus. Altenative Courses of Action

Substitute no . 1- To intensify store functions of existing...

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