Visual Aids Essay

Visual Supports

An educational aid, such as a poster, level model, or perhaps videotape, that presents data visually. Types Of Visible Aids

There are various types of visual aids. The following suggestions will help you take full advantage of those most commonly used. PowerPoint (or equivalent)

Microsoft company PowerPoint is most likely now one of the most commonly used type of visual help. Used very well, it can seriously help you in your presentation; used badly, nevertheless , it can have opposite impact. The general rules are: Do Don't use a large enough font (minimum 20pt) make it so little you can't browse it keep your background straightforward use a picky background graphic

make use of animations when appropriate nevertheless don't over-do the cartoon - it gets distracting make items visual employ endless slides of bulleted lists that all look similar Overhead projector slides/transparencies

Expense projector slides/transparencies are displayed on the over head projector (OHP) - a very helpful tool seen in most spiel and seminar rooms. The OHP tasks and enlarges your photo slides onto a screen or wall lacking the signals to be dimmed. You can develop your 35mm slides in three ways: pre-prepared slides: these can become words or images possibly hand written/drawn or made on a computer system; spontaneously created slides: place be crafted as you speak to illustrate your points or record responses from the market; a mixture of every single: try adding to pre-prepared photo slides when making your presentation showing movement, focus on change or perhaps signal in depth interrelationships. Make sure that the text in your slides is usually large enough being read from the back of the room. A useful principle is to use 18 point textual content if you are producing slides with text over a computer. This should also reduce the amount of information concerning each go. Avoid supplying your target audience too much text message or overly complicated blueprints to read since this limitations their capability to listen. Stay away from lists of abstract words and phrases as these may be misleading or perhaps uninformative. White or black board

Black or white boards can be extremely useful to help explain the sequence of ideas or routines, particularly in the sciences. Make use of them to simplify your subject or to record your key points as you expose your presentation (this provide you with a fixed list to help you summarize as you go along). Rather than planning on the audience to follow your voiced description of the experiment or perhaps process, publish each level on the panel, including any complex terminology or correct references to help your viewers take appropriate notes. Yet , once you have written something for the board you will either need to leave it there or apply it away - equally can be distracting to your audience. Check to ensure your market has removed a guide before rubbing it off - there may be nothing more frustrating than not being provided enough time! Avoid leaving out of date material via an earlier level of your display on the table as this might confuse the audience. Your car or truck need to write 'live', make sure that your audience can read the writing. Daily news handouts

Handouts are incredibly useful. Use a handout if your data is too detailed to fit on a slide or perhaps if you want the audience to experience a full record of your conclusions. Consider the merits of passing round your handouts at the beginning, central and end of a display. Given ahead of time and they may well prove a distraction. Presented too late plus your audience may have taken a lot of unnecessary records. Given out at the center and your viewers will unavoidably read instead of listen. A single powerful technique of avoiding these pitfalls is usually to give out incomplete handouts at key stages during your demonstration. You can then emphasize the absent details vocally, encouraging the audience to fill in the gaps. Switch chart

A flip chart is a large pad of paper on a stand. It is a very useful and versatile way of saving information in your presentation -- you can even use pre-prepared bedsheets for key points. Record data...

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