Virginia and Massachusetts with regards to Economy and Society: an evaluation Essay

During the time length of the colonization in the Americas, people coming from all over The european countries came with their own desires and hopes for this kind of strange and mysterious land. Some came for religious flexibility, and some came to hear wealth, fame, and wonder. No matter what purpose they had, all of them piled onto a boat and sailed a vigorous quest to the continent of North America. As those settled and founding colonies, people with specific desires went to a particular colony due to how the colony functioned and exactly how its viewpoints ere arranged. Don't StealTwo colonies, Va and Ma, were a part of England's development into the " new world ". Virginia, located in the Southern colonies, opened mainly for an economic purpose, whilst Massachusetts started by colonists seeking spiritual freedom. These types of and many other causes illustrate that it doesn't subject who rules a colony- there can easily still be various differences between your two. The society in Virginia compared to Massachusetts are very different. No longer StealOne point is that they attracted different kinds of people depending on every colony's environment. The negotiation in Virginia was mainly formed pertaining to financial causes while Ma was developed of with a group of Puritan separatists through the English Cathedral seeking religious freedom. Va was known for the production of " cash crops”, such as tobacco. Seeing that colonists were unable to find any gold inside the new world, they will decided to profit via way of agriculture. In Massachusetts, The Puritans that settled right now there proposed only to form a " purified” version in the Anglican Chapel from Great britain. The Puritans were a hectic, educated, and somewhat industrious group of people. The Massachusetts colony consisted of non-separatists reformers. Total, Massachusetts wanted an educated and religion-oriented contemporary society. The property and labor in the two colonies were different too, but largely by means of obtainable workers. May StealThe terrain in Virginia was abounding, but...

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