turmeric Dissertation

SBI3U1 – Healing Plants

Exploration Report

Part you: Research Report

a) Common name: Turmeric, Indian Saffron (English)

b) Clinical name: Curcuma longa

c) Features of plant: Turmeric is known as a tropical plant, which forms many long thin rhizomes (roots) accustomed to produce essence and absorb dyes. Cooke, Big t. (1908). It is just a herbaceous grow, which means that leaves and stems die down in the end with the growing season. It grows over the springtime and summer season and drops dead every winter months and slide. Turmeric is usually characterized by its pale, clustered flowers. Commonly, it reaches a height of about you meter or perhaps 4 ft. Its leaves are elongated, dark green, and pointed. The flower is bright yellowish, 3cm long and 4cm wide. The outer skin of the plant is usually brownish, nevertheless flesh is deep orange-yellow inside. Rhizomes grow in a horizontal way. Each bit of rhizome has the capacity to give a fresh plant. The procedure is called vegetative reproduction. Once bruised, the Turmeric herb has a organic ability to rule out a spicy scent. The reddish-yellow blossoms are established spirally and appearance among the leaves directly growing from the rootstock. Graham, J. (1839). d) Picture of Plant:

e) All-natural habitat: Turmeric is only found in the Western and East Ghats of India. India is the world's largest producer, consumer, and exporter of turmeric. The natural environment of turmeric the plant is within humid, tropical countries. Turmeric will grow in shade if perhaps not also dense, but it really produces larger and better rhizomes on view ground exposed to the sun. The temperature to grow turmeric should be in the range of 20-30 degrees C. Rainfall of 1500 to 2250 millimeter per annum. The soil to get growing this plant should be rich; this thrives well at a well-drained sandy loam. Turmeric are unable to stand water logging or alkalinity. Turmeric is liable being influenced by light therefore; it is usually loaded in foolproof tins. It should be stored in awesome, dark places. Turmeric...

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