Essay within the Wizard of Oz

Childhood as opposed to Adulthood

The change in placing from Kansas to Oz is identifiable and also symbolic of Dorothy's transition coming from childhood to adulthood. I will be drawing on certain examples from the movie where it is apparent that Dorothy's behavior in Oz shows a more adult adult-like sculpt whereas identical situations in Kansas light up childishness.

The most visible example in Kansas in which Dorothy shows her child-like behavior is when ever Ms Gulch comes to consider Toto away. Dorothy's appearance and tone shows that she is extremely distressed and disappointed. As a result, Dorothy aggressively shoves Ms Gulch and yells " Simply no no I actually wont allow you to take him. You go apart or sick bite you myself, you wicked outdated Witch! ”. The audience can almost certainly relate this behavior to that of your child tossing a state of mind tantrum when they are upset. Dorothy's decision to use name calling and endanger to nip Ms Gulch strongly displays her inability to stay calm.

Dorothy's behavior in Oz is a lot different than precisely what is demonstrated in Kansas. Her tone, attitude and reactions to negative events symbolize more of the " Adult” Dorothy. The audience under no circumstances experiences Dorothy losing her cool just how she would in Kansas. Rather, rather than child, Dorothy is seen as mare like a mother determine to the Scarecrow, Lion plus the Tin-man. Also, an example of this is how the Witch captures Toto, Dorothy says " Oh yea please produce back my Dog! ” Toto is usually taken from Dorothy in two situations. Once in Kansas, and the other time in Oz . Her contrasting responses emphasize the evolution of Dorothys persona coming from Childhood to Adulthood. The lady responds within a much more adult like calm, conflict resolution in search of fashion in Oz, she's even happy to negotiate and compromise the Ruby Reddish colored Slippers to obtain Toto again. This is a stark difference from Dorothy's aggressive behavior in Kansas when Ms Gulch took Toto.

The comparison of Dorothy's reaction the moment Toto is taken away coming from her is definitely symbolic...

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