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Projected Total Sales of Sundance Direct Sales Calamba Department in 2011| A Term Paper pertaining to MGT 121

Sandy Increased C. Nombrefia

Projected Total Sales of Sundance Direct selling

Calamba Branch in 2011


Billboards, signage and eye-catching advertisement paraphernalia of numerous direct advertising companies are popping everywhere, either local or perhaps international. Many companies established labels and remain competitive to increase their browsing the business world. Identified in businessdictionary. com, direct selling is known as a faceВ to faceВ presentation, В demonstration, andВ saleВ of productsВ orВ services, usually at the residence orВ officeВ of a prospectВ by theВ independentВ directВ sales representatives. Direct Selling adds greatly on the economic advancement the country; this manifests the Filipino spirit of business and self-sufficiency. This market gains higher popularity today than it is early years. About the most direct offering companies inside the Philippines is usually Sundance Direct Sales (Footworks Promoting Corporation). It absolutely was established about August 99. Before they came with the business' identity, they 1st thought of elegant Italian labels but they acquired decided on an innovative and easily appreciated name- SUNDANCE. It was descends from the Artist movie, Butch Casedy and the Sundance Child. Mr. Peter Yu may be the managing movie director of Sundance Direct Sales.

It is just a fashion clothing and footwear retailing firm with wide expertise in manufacturing industry. This provider is involved in selling of garments, shoes, carriers, cosmetics, components and infant and children lines. Currently, it is joined with Maybelline New York, Afficionado and I2I eyewear. In its 12 successful years of presence, it has around 500, 000 dealers and continuously raising. It made 16 divisions and four hundred local retailers nationwide.

The mission of Sundance Direct selling in helping fellowmen is to bring standard of excellence to any or all parts of the world. In lieu of their mission, they may have reached and served international countries just like HongKong, Dubai, В UAE, Qatar, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Singapore.

Sundance Direct Sales is a market that constantly progressing, rivalling and creating new varieties of fashion, imparting them while the Best Direct Selling brand of Apparel.


Many firms used equipment or methods, like quantitative forecasting, that helped these people determine the possible result of the business operation in the future. Quantitative forecasting technique bases it is forecast coming from past data. This tool assists the administrator or the decision maker to achieve their organizational goals. Specifically, if a business has the record of its past 30-year sales, then it can task the product sales for the next yr and this may help him to look for the inventory amounts, scheduling of production etc. However either quantitatively or perhaps qualitatively, forecasting is not 100% certain; they have uncertainties therefore we need to measure the accuracy with the forecast. Forecast accuracy can be measure by simply MAD (mean absolute deviation) MSE (mean square error) and MAPE (mean overall percentage error); the best model depends on the assess. The goal of this study is to project the entire sales for one of the Sundance branches –Calamba -2011 so the branch administrator can include preparations inside their inventory levels.

In order to get the projected total sales of Sundance Direct selling Calamba department in 2011, time-series regression and smoothing linear trends were used. Time-series regression is definitely the process of calculating the relationship between two variables- in our circumstance time and product sales per month. Smoothing linear styles is just the like simple smoothing however the intercept and the slope of the tendency line will be continually altered in every period. Two methods were used for comparative purposes. The information were also analyzed for happening of seasonality. MAD utilized to evaluate the forecast accuracy and reliability since a lot of the errors had been too large. That weighted...

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