Compare the Poem ’the Manhunt’ and ’Quickdraw’ Article

Equally 'The Manhunt' and 'Quickdraw' are based on challenge and conflict. 'The Manhunt'represents a soldiers battle of letting somebody in wonderful memories of war while 'Quickdraw' is definitely describing a battle between a couple 'The Manhunt' provides a more sinister mood and tone while Carol Ann Duffy's 'Quickdraw'gives a comical view on a struggling marriage. Armatages purpose for writing 'The Manhunt' was to permit the reader to see the affect of war not simply physically but also mentally, we likewise see that will not just impact the soldier although his loved ones around him. However , 'Quickdraw' uses the battle for love to produce a literal battle. Both 'Manhunt' and 'Quickdraw' share the themes of war and vulnerability however in 'Manhunt' the situation is reality yet 'Quickdraw' plays for the idea of fight. The mood and tone of 'Manhunt' is vulnerability and dread to open approximately his better half and to allow her to see his wounds yet 'Quickdraw'has a comical side to it, 'i wear both the mobile phone and the landline phone', Duffy uses the words this lady has to say as the tool. Armatage uses imagery of war, such as 'parachute', 'bullet', 'unexploded mine'to illustrate the soldiers accidental injuries and thoughts. 'Only then' is repeated at the beginning of every stanza to symbolize the slower process that the wife has to take to become allowed in the soldiers thoughts and feelings armatage uses alliteration, 'handle and hold' to emphasise exactly how much care this individual needs. He describes a bullet being a foetus 'of metal', this kind of metaphor symbolizes life and just how war and violence can easily ruin and control a life. 'tightened', 'sweating' and 'closed' most describe the soldiers dread and so this individual breaces himself and armatage ends with 'only after that, did i actually come close' The reaser sees this will take a long time and we see how war hasn't only destroyed him literally but as well mentally. In 'Quickdraw', photos of war are also used, 'you've wounded me'to show her raise red flags to. Metaphors are being used 'Last opportunity saloon' to represent the opportunities...

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