Reflective Record Essay

Reflecting Report


I significant in electric and digital engineering. In this semester, you will find altogether four technical courses which are most significant to my future study. College students of my personal major, which include me, generally spend a lot of your energy to study technical courses is to do their research. As a result, the specific time for British study can be insufficient in contrast to last year. However , from this session beginning, the all of curriculum are trained in British, as well as teaching materials and homework. And so i believe that I actually learn English at all times provided that I study in Xi'an Jiao Tong Liverpool College or university. In this dissertation I will primarily discuss about how exactly English analyze relates to electric experiment. Explanation

I already did six experiments. I will take the applications of diodes for instance , which is the most impressive one I have done. Diode has a few one of a kind properties which you can use to realize a lot of useful features. This experiment was split up into many different parts according to the distinct applications of diodes. In every part We and my partner assembled the circuit and then discovered the outcome by oscilloscope to terrify the house of diode. We recorded the outcomes and finally composed a report in English. Feeling

From the electric engineering's point of view, in this research I confirmed the knowledge regarding diode which i had learned in class and in addition reinforced the experimental skill. I was happy to these profits. As for English, teacher published experimental components to SNOW so that I actually previewed those inside order to know the dimensions of the experiment well. But the studying was difficult because it included many technological words. Additionally I had to study sentences combined with the circuit understanding, it becomes more challenging to understand and frustrated me personally. After this survey, I had written the experimental report effectively without English problem. Analysis & Analysis

Firstly, what I did very well is that I carefully previewed the trial and error...

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