Rebranding in Hero Motocorp Essay

Summary of End Term Project


Research of consumer's perception about Rebranding with reference to automobile industry (Two-wheeler segment)


1 . TASK TITLE: Evaluation of customer's perception about Rebranding with regards to automobile industry (Two-wheeler segment) 2 . RATIONALE OF PROPOSED INVESTIGATION:

Logos or rebranding a product is usually a high cost investment for owners, but would not always result in a significant improvement in the buyer satisfaction and financial overall performance of the firm.. Despite this doubt, many two wheeler firms have

Undertaken or are contemplating this kind of risk because they understand there are within market demands and the decision to re-brand in the hope that it would allow them to leveraging on an set up brand name and operations construction promoting walk in functional efficiency and profitability. Firms changing all their brand names are usually reported in the commercial press although this happening has up to now received little academic interest. The purpose of this kind of project newspaper is to research drivers in the corporate rebranding phenomenon and to analyse the impact of these kinds of strategies about consumer behaviour. Moreover examine from monetary highlights of such firms can give us observations about whether or not the strategy adapted was a failure or success. This would help us to comprehend what kind of strategy works while rebranding in this risky and unforeseen market A rebranded item can be a success or may give negative returns therefore as being a future bouffer, it is important to study how rebranding can effect consumer buying behaviour and financial functionality of an organization in order to warrant the huge investments involved.


5. " Review on Versions and Factors of Rebranding”- 2011 Intercontinental Conference on Social Technology and Humanity IPEDR vol. 5 (2011, Singapore by simply Chai-Lee Goi and Mei-Teh Goi This kind of paper provides insights regarding the current concepts of rebranding and main reasons why marketer is true of it (both external and internal). As well, it tells us about 6 strategic options for rebranding out which or a blend can be designed by companies. It shown a fine detail research regarding the rebranding models just like the rebranding procedure model launched by Muzellec and Lambkin and Lomax et ing. 's,

5. " Learning rebranding coming from experience of –2007 " by Pooja Bahl, Jayashree Badal and Priya Sabhlok This kind of paper covers what rebranding means -- What is initial brand and what to change in it. Likewise, what are individuals of rebranding i. electronic. why firms go for it and the issues that bring about decision of rebranding. The paper explains it with various examples of this kind of firms back in of 3 years ago e. g. Hutch to Vodafone, BSNL, HLL to HUL-various strategies adopted by simply them and consequently its effect on consumer loyalty

* Client perceptions of rebranding by simply Saleh Abdulaziz Alshebil offered to the teachers of the graduate student school from the university of Texas at Arlington, Aug 2007

In this research, the author proposed to study what consumers imagine a brand Adjustments and what are the results in the customers' minds once exposed to your brand change. The writer developed several hypothesis and tested the same which were associated with - (1) The effect of the perceived amount of brand change on interest, scepticism, and resistance toward it. (2) the effect of curiosity, scepticism, and amount of resistance toward rebranding on

brand attitude after rebranding process.


(1) To understand the causes behind rebranding and research its impact

(2) To assess and examine rebranding pertaining to two wheeler -automobile industry in India

(3) To find out consumer behaviour and actions in response to rebranding of two wheeler products and firms.


On the basis of constructs like –perceived degree of rebranding,...

Bibliography: 1 ) Chai-Lee Goi and Mei-Teh Goi (2011), Review on Models and Reasons of Rebranding, shown at the International Conference on Social Research and Mankind IPEDR


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