Poverty and Homelessness «Homeless to Harvard» Essay

Poverty and Homelessness

Lower income and Homelessness

After watching the film, Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story, We realized that should you try, that you can do whatever putting your mind to. I believe that although the video was miserable it was extremely inspiring. Liz Murray was the product of any bad environment. Her parents were drug addicts and your woman felt like your woman single handedly had to hold her family together. She decided she was better off at home attending to her mother who was legally blind, schizophrenic and a drug abuser, and so the girl decided your woman did not when you go to school. At 16, following your death of her mom and becoming destitute, she decided it was the perfect time to do something for herself. She enrolled himself in school and succeeded over and above expectations. This kind of story yet , does not affect every destitute child. It had been obvious that Liz Murray had a enthusiasm for learning. Throughout fundamental and middle section school she would skip university and only go for test times. She would complete all of her tests since she would read at home. The girl just figured that getting home to care for her family was more important during the time. I feel such as this movie is a big eye opener for the " NOW” generation. Simply to see how hard Liz were required to work for things that to us will be bare needs. For example , her thrift retail store clothes, her hygiene, rather than having a residence are things that people who may have never viewed or had to experience this take this for granted. I do think a lot of youngsters nowadays have no idea what it is like to really have to improve what they want. Father and mother, who are able to, feel that providing the youngster with almost everything they probably will need or perhaps want makes them a good parent or guardian. In reality, they are really robbing youngsters of the opportunity to learn important characteristics like appreciation, job ethics and respect. This movie as well highlighted the pressures and differences in how children handle this kind of environment. Liz and her sister handled their very own situation...

Recommendations: Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story [Motion picture]. (2003). Us: Warner Brothers.

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