Novel Interactine Essay

CMT3321 – Week 19 – Sample Test Question


(a)Describe the main element features of Touchable User Extremite, comparing and contrasting them with multi-touch interactive surfaces. [ 10 marks ]

(b) Consider this scenario:

The Tangible Devastation Simulation System is a collaborative tool for planning disaster measures based on simulations of disasters and responses including evacuation as well as the actions of emergency companies.

Users can easily define parameters of a tragedy (such as the scale and severity) and of the crisis measures (such as the location and capacity of pet shelters or the effectiveness of emergency services). The system will be able to replicate the progress of a tragedy situation and present information about likely final results.

Describe a design concept for a touchable interactive program that will aid such collaborative, interactive hunt for the consequences of disaster conditions. In your information, explain, with diagrams in the event helpful, the elements of your design, interactive technologies that will be used and the tasks being supported, which includes appropriate justification. [ 25 marks ]

(c) Identify a plan intended for how an evaluation of such a design could be conducted. As part of your plan, you should talk about what the analysis will be trying to discover, what types of prototypes will be appropriate, what methods will be applied (and why), how those strategies will be accomplished, and so on. [ 15 marks ]


Part (a) [ 10 marks ]

Essential features of TUIs: * Things are concrete representations 5. Computational coupling of concrete representations and digital details and techniques * Agreement mechanisms intended for interactive control * Perceptual coupling of tangible representations to active digital representationsSome other prevalent, but not essential features will be interaction in a large space, shared or perhaps sharable multi-user interaction, dependence on user's understanding of the physical world, etc . Multi-touch surfaces...

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