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Discussion Query: What are some of the challenges of CRM in organizations that sell through multiple programs?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the proper process of framing the communications between a strong and its customers with the objective of maximizing existing and lifetime benefit of customers to get the company as well as maximizing fulfillment for customers (Simms, 2007). CRM, encompasses a firms' efforts to get more acquainted with the customers' purchasing patterns across different channels which is a complex pair of activities that together constitute the basis for the sustainable and hard-to-imitate competitive advantage for the firm. Inspite of the technology on the market today, CRM can be as challenging as ever before specifically in multiple funnel firms (MCF). MCF's complications often arise because customer data will be scattered across the different stations employed by the corporation (Greenberg, 2009). This information is generally found in separate databases, plans, and records of various company units in the company it is therefore very costly with times difficult to access. In addition consumers are engaging brands in new marketing channels regularly and until MCF's have a comprehensive perspective of the client and his or her relationship with their manufacturer, it becomes extremely difficult to deliver anything that much more than a one-dimensional customer experience. MCF are also faced with the immense task of making a centralized environment to develop, perform and keep an eye on consumers throughout multiple programs which will allow them to achieve better visibility in effectiveness of marketing activities (Boulding et al, 2005). Their biggest obstacle in this method is architecting programs in a manner that minimizes the cost and complexities that are inherent when in deploying different work flows, multiple data processes and vendors for each channel. One of the best challenges of CRM in MCF is usually that the program innately involves involvement from members of...

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