Essay on Internship Survey: Mondol Group Ltd

Origin of the report

Like a mandatory requirement of B. Sc. (Hon's) program under BGMEA Company of Fashion & Technology (BIFT), I was assigned for performing my internships in " Mondol Group Ltd”. The report will definitely increase the familiarity with us to learn the corporate associated with RMG sector and will educate to apply theoretical knowledge inside the practical lifestyle. My organizational team head Ahmed Sadiqur Rahman (Asst. General Manager) assigned me the topic of the report and my institutional internship director Kazi Shamsur Rahman, Sr. Assistant Teacher and Brain of the Office (AMT), BIFT duly authorized it.

(a) Broad Objective:

The functions of this statement cognates the academic purpose. This project goal is to accumulate practical knowledge and that great corporate working environment with the close approximation for the business organization and the specialists who will be leading and making tactical decisions to boost the growth of RMG sector. To this respect, this report is contemplating the knowledge and experience accrued from study course perspective. Together with the set suggestions by, Ahmed Sadiqur Rahman and with the kind advices with the organization and this report consist of an organization. The broad objective of this record is to offer an overview of selling activities in Mondol Group Ltd.

To evaluate the worth chain supervision activities of Mondol Group Ltd. Discovering the ways of creating more customer value inside and how well the various departmental activities of Mondol Group Ltd are coordinated.

(b) Specific aims include the next:

Analysis of Mondol Group Limited value sequence – which will costs happen to be related to almost every activity. Analysis of customers benefit chains – how does our product squeeze into their worth chain Identification of potential cost positive aspects in comparison with competitors Identification of potential useful for the client – just how can our item add benefit to the consumers value sequence (e. g. lower costs or more performance)- Where does the customer see this sort of potential?

To find the current scenario of the readymade clothes industry in terms of raw materials sourcing To find the present scenario of backward source chain status of Mondol Group Ltd To get the ways of improving the backward linkage of the supply chain to get Mondol Group Ltd. To combine theoretical knowledge with practical know-how. To operate reputed organization.

To give company summary.

To determine and measure the merchandising actions

To observe the success of merchandising department. To identify the problems of the promoting department To reveal management, production, commercial, accounts, conformity and HRM planning. Find out differences between buyer purchases prices with manufacturer prices. RANGE OF THE REPORT

The range of the study is limited to specify. The worth chain supervision only examine in the office of Mondol Group Ltd. That's why I visit Mondol Group Ltd stock and different obtaining houses several times to fulfill the broad and specific goal of the statement. The range of this statement is limited to the overall description of the business, its companies and its goods offered. The scope from the study is limited to organizational setup, functions, and performances. Since Mondol Group Limited is in it is maturity stage in Bangladesh, it has continue to to go a long way to serve its region for purchasing a strong countrywide economy. The report will certainly mainly give attention to how a Merchandiser buying raw materials & equipment, producing apparel, maintaining required quality level and exporting the garments within scheduled time. In this report not only promoting activities happen to be discussed nevertheless also development, accounts, commercial HR & compliance actions are reviewed briefly.


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