Turabian dissertation footnote

 Turabian Form Turabian dissertation footnote Citation Illustrations Below



Format                                             Article
Author or possibly Editor                                Journal Article
Edition                                              Journal Article
Publisher                                         Magazine Article
                                                         effects with nicotine with the actual entire body works on poverty                                           Bible
Blog                                                  Reserve Turabian dissertation footnote                                                                          Dissertation
Facebook                                         Section around a Book 
Instagram                                         Traditional Book                  
Text                                                                              Dictionary
Website                                            Ebook
Non-Print                                                               Screen-print Book
Graphic Art                                  turabian dissertation footnote                         Thesis
Lecture                                             Gov't Documents
Letter                                                Bill
Live Performance                                             Debate
Movie                                                                          Document
Painting                                                                    Govt Office Publication
Personal Communication                          Govt Dept Publication
Photograph                                                            Hearing
Play examples from you and me back ground dbq essays                          Legal Judge Case
Podcast                                                                    Localized Government Publication
Presentation                                     Presidential Publication
Radio                                                                          Report
Sculpture                                                                 Resolution     
Sound Recording                                             Talk about Federal government Publication
Television                                                                Statute
Video                                                                          Treaty
                                                                                        You Constitution
Texts from Play as well as Music
Play (Printed)
Play -- Well-Known English-Language (Printed)
Musical Score




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