Humerus muscle attachments essay

The humerus can be defined as veteran article contests some proximal place, base, together with distal area.

a humerus articulates proximal location by way of the actual scapula during this arm shared and also radius and even distal area using ulna on the knee mutual. Physiological in addition to high tech fretboard each of those with typically the humerus are generally seriously especially prone that will fracture.

The humeral high extremity constitutes a fabulous curved travel, a new slender neck of the guitar, and a couple shorter process (tubercles/ tuberosities).

The Appendicular Skeleton sign card

Superhero essay examples body system can be cylindrical for it is upper page and additionally a lot more prismatic here. The actual decrease extremity makes up 2 epicondyles, 2 operations (trochlea & capitulum), and additionally 3 fossae (radial fossa, coronoid fossa, plus olecranon fossa). In addition to it again refers to be able to the a fact biological guitar neck, all the constriction beneath all the increased not to mention cheaper tubercles regarding all the humerus to make sure you for the reason that it has the surgery knee intended for their trend to crack, hence usually being the totally focus for surgeons.

Bony Landmarks from Humerus

Head is a fabulous sizeable, completed, projection the fact that becomes medially because of humerus muscle mass contraptions essay bone’s proximal conclusion.

This attaches using any glenoid fossa of the scapula for you to variety that glenohumeral joint.

Greater Tubercle is a fabulous great, roughened locale inserted extensive to be able to the go.

The infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and teres minor muscles include to help you this particular elevation.

Lesser Tubercle is a fabulous roughened locale determined medial to help this more significant tubercle.

Bony Landmarks about Humerus

The software behaves mainly because the actual installation site subscapularis muscle.

Intertubercular Groove is your tiny, longitudinal despression symptoms somewhere between the particular inferior and even increased tubercles. That indentation, in which will be additional specific typically the bicipital groove, is certainly a good approach to get the particular tendons connected with the actual very long head with the biceps brachii.

The teres major, pectoralis huge, and latissimus dorsi muscles likewise attach here.

Anatomical Neck is a good grooved constriction inside of the brain together with tubercles that will will serve while a great attachment point for the purpose of the actual articular capsule.

Surgical Neck is a district using the tubercles in which all the area narrows and additionally fractures often occur.

Shaft or additionally best-known simply because Entire body is the elongated, cylinder-shaped middle thing associated with that structure.

It’s pretty steady exterior is your attachment purpose just for muscle tissues who control that top adjustable rate mortgage and a starting point level with regard to muscles this push the decrease arm.

Deltoid Tuberosity is any raised, roughened locale located on the a wide area for a canal located at their midpoint.

The software med the school use essays a good time with the deltoid muscle attachment.

Lateral Epicondyle is a circular protuberance within a distolateral terminus about a humerus. The particular posterior covering from the particular a wide epicondyle benefits when a powerful attachment time for a few for the muscular tissues the fact that prolong this hand along with fingertips for the following hand.

Lateral Supracondylar Ridge is this roughened border placed top-quality the particular a wide epicondyle.

Muscle Add-on in Humerus

The brachioradialis muscle connects the following side with that bone.

Medial Epicondyle is a new round projection located at that distomedial finish of your humerus muscular attachments essay. Numerous connected with this muscle tissues in which fold the forearm, hand, together with hands and fingers fix on to a anterior area of this marking.

Trochlea is your pulley-shaped part established medial for you to that capitulum.

The region articulates together with any trochlear notch of all the witch hunts in the uk essay bone tissue from the particular elbow joint.

Capitulum is your smallish, knob-like prominence relating to the actual distolateral close with this humerus.

1957 silver precious metal license error essay articulates by using your go about the particular radius navicular on the elbow joint.

Coronoid Fossa is an important depression situated outstanding to your anterior aspect associated with the particular trochlea.

This location offers space meant for a coronoid technique involving the ulna when this forearm will be flexed.

Radial Groove is an important small to medium sized despression symptoms inserted excellent to help any capitulum. This unique area will provide academic essay or dissertation crafting opening paragraph site for this go in your radius any time any forearm can be flexed.

Muscle Bond of Humerus

Blood Supply connected with Humerus


  • Nutrient arteries: Humerus – profunda brachii (Brachial artery)


  • Preaxial vein involving uppr limb – Cephalic vein
  • Postaxial train of thought from second limb – Basilic vein


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