How to Write an Explanatory Essay:Ideas and Tips

Explanatory papers are regularly assigned to students in each academic setting. How to write an explanatory essay? Consider a specific idea, research and explain it before making a logical argument. This task seems overwhelming to some students, but completing it is easy if you take helpful steps.

Plan Your Explanatory Essay

Determine the purpose of essay writing and define why you have to complete this assignment. Write down important reasons and expected accomplishments. Read basic assignment prompts and talk to instructors to get helpful clues. Think about your audience, personal expectations, and desires before getting started. Jot down basic things about readers while you keep writing an explanatory paper.

It takes time to flesh out possible ideas and write them down on paper. Use effective activities to develop interesting thoughts for your explanatory essay:

  • List all possible ideas and group any similar ones;
  • Freewriting allows you to jot down everything that is in your mind to underline the most important details;
  • Write brief explanation of the main subject and extend it further;
  • Ask essay questions and give your answers in detail.

Once you get useful ideas for your paper, they should be organized into an efficient outline to get more thoughts, plan the whole structure, etc.

Check assignment prompts to determine appropriate sources, including newspapers, articles, books, and others. Evaluate them to establish their credibility before using anything while considering the following aspects:

  • Identify their authors and credentials;
  • Check citations to define whether a given subject is researched well;
  • Look for any possible bias;
  • Check a publication date to use the most updated facts;
  • Cross-check relevant information.

Reading and Taking Notes

When reading each source, be sure to understand its meaning. Look for any concepts or words that you don’t understand clearly or you may end up misusing information. Take notes when reviewing the chosen sources to find and highlight all important passages:

  • When you quote them, put special quotation marks and include background information;
  • Share publishing data too;
  • Format a bibliography based on overall guidelines.

Develop a Thesis

Your effective statement should express the main focus of the whole explanatory essay and state some arguable claim, so do the following:

  • Make your thesis arguable;
  • Don’t state any matters of taste and facts;
  • Ensure that this statement includes enough information.

Introduce Your Explanatory Essay

How to write an explanatory essay? Start with some engaging line to get right into the main discussion. Any introduction starts with discussing the main subject at once while identifying major ideas and acting as a preview to the whole paper.

Provide enough background information to guide others through this essay. Determine the things that they would like to know to understand it well. Provide a thesis, which is a brief and logical sentence that expresses a basic argument.

Express All Crucial Points

Decide on the number of paragraphs to include in your explanatory paper. Start each one with an interesting topic sentence to introduce its main idea and supporting evidence. The latter one may take any possible form, including paraphrases, cited quotes, anecdotes, interviews, etc. Analyze each proof that you offer and explain how it’s connected to a thesis. Write smooth transitions into the next essay section.

Conclude Your Explanatory Paper

Here, you need to rephrase and restate a thesis while mentioning the evidence provided to support it. Review and summarize crucial ideas with no new facts. Finally, offer a strong call to action or final thoughts.