Study How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

The basic purpose of these academic papers is analyzing similar and different characteristics of distinct subjects. Interested in how to write a compare and contrast essay? A good one not only shows others how these subjects with their differences or similarities, but it also uses strong points to make a logical argument about it. Approaching this assignment may seem a bit intimidating, but you can master it with enough practice and work.

Formulate a Strong Argument

Pick the subjects that will be compared and contrasted because it’s the first step to completing this task successfully. They should be different enough to be compared effectively, so consider the following things:

  • They should be in the same category, but these subjects should have significant differences;
  • Choose subjects that don’t seem to have anything in common if they have surprising similarities;
  • Pick subjects that appear to be the same while being quite different.

Ensure that they can be discussed in a way that makes sense. Good essays of this kind help the audience understand why it’s interesting and useful to put the chosen subjects together. So what? Ask this question when determining whether they have any meaningful contrasts and comparisons to be made.

Take time to brainstorm possible subjects to decide on their different and similar features to notice major aspects to focus on and be guided when formulating a logical thesis. The Venn diagram is helpful because it helps students visualize similarities and differences. Make a list of the characteristics and qualities of both subjects. Consider the main points because it’s complicated to get a range of all ways in which they are different and similar in your essay.

Develop a Thesis

There are different directions that your thesis may take, but it must make the argument that explains the usefulness of comparing and contrasting your subjects. Use these helpful tactics:

  • Help the audience make meaningful comparisons between subjects;
  • Show people why one of them is more desirable than the other;
  • Shore them how these subjects are different and similar.

How to Organize All Paragraphs Effectively

Consider the right organization for how to write a compare and contrast essay. Consider a few effective ways to organize this paper, and your choice depends on personal ideas, so pick something that works best for them:

  • One subject after another;
  • Point by point;
  • Compare before contrasting.

Outline This College Paper

Outlining helps students work out their key organizational structure and provides them with an effective template to follow when developing important ideas. This assignment needs to have the following sections, no matter how you decide to organize it:

  • The introduction that presents background information about the chosen subject in addition to a thesis that sets the direction of the whole text;
  • Body paragraphs are the meat of this essay because they provide details to support all claims;
  • Acknowledging any competitive arguments;
  • The conclusion summarizes everything presented in your essay and restates a thesis.

Put It All Together

Use the ideas that you brainstormed to fill in an essay outline to determine strong evidence for contrasts and comparisons. Explain why it’s important and helpful to put them together. Remind the audience of the significance of your argument and proofs. Write a great title to preview something about the chosen essay topic.

Take a break before going further because most students fail simply because they don’t provide themselves with enough time to step back. This break allows you to see logical holes and organizational errors in your final draft before sending it to teachers.