Find out How to Write a College Level Essay

College professors expect their students to know the basics of essay writing, including grammar, sentence structure, and organization. How to write a college level essay? Follow the main rules of excellent academic writing and master different essay types. Some teachers may ask you to write a perfect narrative essay that requires you to tell readers a certain story, while others may ask you to submit an excellent argumentative essay that requires you to argue a certain point clearly. Follow their instructions and focus on the basics of quality college-level essay writing.

Common Mistakes That Lead to Poor College Essays

The first error is choosing any essay topic randomly. All successful students understand that topics must be interesting and relevant to the audience and teachers. After spending some time on looking for interesting subjects, you may pick the first one, but this mistake may cost you future high grades. Don’t do it for the following reasons:

  • The chosen subject won’t be interesting to you;
  • It will be difficult to talk about something that you don’t know;
  • You will get a college-level essay of a bad quality and poor grades for it.

The introduction of your paper is designed to interest possible readers. This rule is applied not only to college essays, but also to anything that require public attention. If you fail to interest the audience at the very beginning, your whole paper means a failure too. Present your ideas and convey them to the public in a catchy way.

The main body of your college-level essay should be logical, because all readers want to know the thoughts that you’re planning to convey to them. They also believe the facts and other details that you present to prove the chosen point of view.

The Lack of a Strong Essay Conclusion

It’s also a common mistake among college students. Even if you write a conclusion, you may fail to do it correctly. It’s a generalization of your research results, ideas, and findings, so there shouldn’t be anything new.

Practical Recommendation for Good College Paper Writing

  • Pick a subject that you know excellently and like very much;
  • Take this task creatively, use new sources of information, and make unusual insights of this paper;
  • Make a strong introduction by imagining that you’re solving some problems of global significance;
  • Before you start writing, avoid being lazy and produce a rough draft of the main things that you prefer to have in the end;
  • Avoid writing too much because it’s better to stick to a clear and short form than simply writing about something unnecessary;
  • Search for similar works or examples to read more about the chosen subject because the ideas of other people can help you produce new conclusions.

Organize All Essay Parts Properly

How to write a college level essay? You’ll fail to give the right answer without a good organization.

  1. Choose a topic by defining major points that will be addressed within this paper and develop its outline. Search relevant academic writings, stats, and facts on this topic.
  2. Formulate a strong thesis that tells people what your paper will be about. A solid thesis sentence should be located in the end of your essay introduction.
  3. Write the introduction that provides readers with a brief preview of everything that will be presented in your college-level essay. Explain what you will argue and how you will do it.
  4. Create the main body to present each major point in a separate section with its unique topic sentence. Cite relevant data and facts to strengthen a basic argument.
  5. Write a logical conclusion to provide a brief summary of the whole college essay and tie it back to a final argument. Many people agree that it’s the most powerful paragraph of academic papers, so treat it seriously.