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As a correspondent for Nationwide Geographic Explorer and The oprah show, Lisa Ling has fearlessly ventured into crime-ridden urban centers and maximum security prisons. However the journalist's many harrowing assignment took place previous December, once she went on to The Look at (where the lady had cohosted from 99 to 2002) and says she acquired suffered a miscarriage during the summer. " We made a career of showing people's testimonies, but it is extremely difficult to tell my very own, " says Ling of her decision to go open public. " But women have to know that you're not alone, that a losing the unborn baby is the fualt of another person or party. "

Losing her pregnancy was only one of numerous heartbreaks that Ling and her spouse of three years, physician and biotech firm president Paul Song, suffered during a turbulent 2010. " Last year, " says Ling, 37, " was a single we hardly ever want to repeat. " In The spring Song's dad died of gall urinary cancer; 8 weeks later his mother a new horrific car crash, breaking her hip, neck of the guitar and arm. Even the year's one bright spot-Ling's sister Laura, who had been freed from North Korea last season after nearly five several weeks in penitentiary, gave beginning in Summer to Ling's niece Li-" was bittersweet, " says Ling, " because all of this was going on with Paul. "

Not long after Li's arrival, Ling discovered during a routine checkup that her own child's heart got stopped defeating after several weeks. " It was a fluke, " she says, " but as somebody who fancies very little as skilled, when the doctor said, 'You lost it, ' I thought, 'Oh my personal God, what did I actually do? ' We felt like such a failure. " Her husband, preoccupied with work fantastic parents' tragedies, was of little comfort and ease. " Experienced I recently been less of a doctor and more of a hubby and friend, " says Song, forty-five, " I would personally have been right now there for her. "

In her tremendous grief Ling and pal Sophia Kim created secretsocietyofwomen. com, a website for females to anonymously discuss tough issues. " Sharing and reading how many other women are going through helped me, " she says.

Ling began to recover but noticed her marital life also required...

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