Garuda Philippines Essay


Garuda Indonesia's first air travel took off in 1949 in a Dakota DC-3. By the end of 1950, Garuda had 32 aircraft - 22 DC3s, eight Catalina seaplanes and eight Convair 240s. In 1953, the fleet grew to 46 with the addition of 8-10 Convair 340s, and in 1954 fourteen Sobre Havilland Herons were added. The Catalina flying vessels were removed from service in 1955.

Garuda Indonesia started passenger service to Bali in 1951 using Douglas Dakota DC-3 airplane. It inaugurated the Denpasar-Sydney service in 1969 using Douglas DC-8 aircraft. Through the years, Bali have been consistently voted " The Best Island in the World", as well as the airline features played an integral role in developing Bali as a global tourist vacation spot.

The historical Asian Photography equipment Conference occured in Bandung, West Java on nineteen April 1955. Garuda Dalam negri was the established airline, soaring delegates via 29 countries, including Mind of Point out, into Kemayoran Airport, North Jakarta, ahead of journeying to Bandung. In April june 2006, the 50th Anniversary of the Asian Photography equipment Conference was celebrated. Gi Indonesia was again the " Established Carrier", traveling 75 Heads of State from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport in Jakarta to the ceremonies in Bandung, which includes Mr Kofi Annan, Secretary General from the United Nations.

In June 1956, Garuda Philippines operated their first Haj flight of over 45 Indonesian pilgrims to Saudia Arabia aboard a Convair-340. Today, the airline flies over 75, 000 Haj pilgrims to Jeddah coming from Indonesia yearly.

In 1961, turbo-prop Lockheed Electra aircraft joined up with the fast, enabling the launch of your service to Hong Kong.

In 1965, Gi Indonesia was your first flight from Southeast Asia to supply intercontinental aircraft service by Jakarta to Amsterdam by way of Colombo, Bombay, Rome, and Prague. The flight was aboard the technologically advanced Convair 990A plane. This four-engine jet was the first business airliner to become equipped with turbofan engines but still holds the...

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