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WFGD Case Study -- Maximizing SO2 Removal

by Re-fit with Dual Tray Technology

A. A. Silva and P. M. Williams

The Babcock & Wilcox Organization

Barberton, Ohio, U. H. A.

L. Balbo

Michigan South Central Power Company

Litchfield, The state of michigan, U. S. A.

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Combined Engine power Air Pollutant Control

Ultra Symposium

September 28-31, 2006

Baltimore, Maryland, U. S i9000. A.


The Babcock & Wilcox Company


WFGD Example - Making the most of SO2 Removing

by Re-fit with Dual Tray Technology

Anthony A. Silva and Paul J. Williams

The Babcock & Wilcox Business

Barberton, Kentkucky, U. S i9000. A.

David Balbo

The state of michigan South Central Power Agency

Litchfield, Michigan, U. S i9000. A.

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Combined Engine power Air Pollutant Control

Ultra Symposium

Aug 28-31, 06\

Baltimore, Baltimore, U. T. A.


Michigan Southern Central Power Agency (MSCPA) operates a

nominal fifty five MW device with a limestone forced oxidized WFGD

system. It has been in operation since 1983. The absorber was a tray tower which has a single tray designed for 90% SO2 removal and given by The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B& W). The boiler

fire high sulfur eastern bituminous coal generating SO2 charge up to several. 5 lbs/MBtu. To increase the removal inside the WFGD system, MSCPA and B& Watts added an additional tray in 2002 to consider advantage

of dual dish technology. SO2 removal continues to be increased from 90% to 98% with no use of organic acids. Functionality tests and parametric tests have been performed on the system over the last 2 years. The testing included as well tests pertaining to SO3, HF, HCl, and PM. This paper examines the absorber design, operating parameters, results of the tests and system chemistry.


The need for maximum SO2 removing is necessary with all the upcoming Clean Air Interstate Guideline (CAIR). To satisfy these requirements, high efficiency scrubbers are necessary. This kind of paper offers an evaluation based upon limestone, required oxidized devices since this is among the most common form of system getting used now and the

foreseeable future. High efficiency could be gained by changes to the chemistry in the slurry or perhaps by elevating the speak to of gas and slurry in the impregnar. The typical change to the system biochemistry is the addition of adipic acid or maybe a composite dibasic acid including DBA. Contacting can be elevated by increasing the water to gas ratio (L/G), which likewise increases the alkalinity available per pass. It is hard to add even more L/G, actually and monetarily, because this generally involves increasing the spray headers and impregnar recirculation pumping systems. There is not often enough space accessible to accommodate this kind of. Increased getting in touch with can also be attained by the addition of a contacting system such as an absorption rack or by simply reducing the open area of an existing rack. In these cases the L/G is still the same, but the absorption of SO2 every unit amount of slurry raises. In order to put another rack, the space should be available to do so. Adding a tray or decreasing the tray open area boosts the absorber pressure drop.


B& Watts has 6th units operating with two trays and has nineteen other

dual tray products in the style, construction and startup stages. The purpose of the described task was to convert a conventional, 90% SO2 removing scrubber into a high efficiency (> 95% SO2 removal) scrubber. B& Watts proposed to maximize SO2 removing by adding another tray to the limestone required oxidized scrubber. Michigan To the south Central Electricity Agency was an ideal site for the demonstration because their moist flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) system is a limestone, compelled oxidized system with a solitary existing compression tray and because of the good working romance between the two companies. Their very own absorber design and style also got provisions pertaining to an additional upcoming tray. The baseline performance measured more than a decade ago is as comes after (Table 1): After the adjustments were made towards the system, field performance tests were transported...

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