Case Study -- Trap-Ease America Essay

Q 1 . Martha and the Trap-Ease America shareholders believe that they face a once-in-a-lifetime prospect. What details do they must evaluate this opportunity? How do you think the group will write its mission assertion? how will you write it? A 1. I do think they believe that they have a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity since Trap-Ease is an fresh and ground breaking idea for the mouse capture so it could be potential for the company's growth and profit however in order to completely take advantage of this opportunity Trap-Ease America will have to first find out some of the needs and wants of their potential costumers which i believe should not be restricted to only ladies, they need to figure out the customers really need a product with these a large number of additional features for the reason that customers may well wish or maybe want this kind of a hygienic and safe strategy for a mouse trap nevertheless might not be willing to pay the extra price that comes with that. Trap-ease America also needs to identify the products strength, weakness, options and hazards to further analyze and choose they want to offer the product and use this possibility to its maximum. I think that the mission affirmation should be crafted in a these kinds of a way in which it describes how this mouse pitfall is different things and impressive compared to it is traditional counter parts mainly because i think in case the difference can be clearly described in the mission statement than it would certainly catch the eye of the buyer when they are deciding on which mouse button trap to buy. i think which the mission statement should be something like this ‘Use Trap-Ease Mouse Snare to capture any mouse button lurking about in a very much CLEANER, SAFER and more SUCCESSFUL way'.

Queen 2 . Features Martha discovered the best marketplace for Trap-Ease? What other industry segments may the company target? A 2 . Martha has targeted women on her behalf product. This is an excellent marketing section to start off with but Martha is exclusively targeting the ladies who are housewives and who are usually at home as well as the...

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