Entertainment Job Essay


Type: Prevent Method

Subject: To have different kinds of entertainments in Fiji, examine the benefits and disadvantages of such on the persons in Fiji.


Context: Entertainment may well provide entertaining, enjoyable and laughter but in the other hand it has it is drawbacks.

Subject: Fiji should indeed be one of the best popular attractions with its wide array of activities which will benefit the socially and economically.


Subject: Down sides of this can result in steer persons away from analyze and function.

Issue: The mind diverts far from your day to day worries and tensions and you are able to divert the mind from the regular schedule.


Statement: This kind of essay is going to examine within the advantages and disadvantages of entertainment on the people of Fiji.

Support for Thesis


Main idea one particular: Social influence of entertainment in Fiji


Idea A: a)Reserve a good wellness e. g sports

b)Reduce stress elizabeth. g music, television

c)social networking at the. g net

d)gives people a break via work and daily tasks e)fun

Primary idea two: Economic impact of entertainment


Idea B: a)gain scholarship elizabeth. g sports activities

b)earn profits e. g music

c)access to task opportunity and more employment prospect e. g internet d)main income in Fiji

e)increase in money

f)improve standard of living

g)poverty level will reduce

h)some locations can become well-liked (e. g Beqa-fire walking)


Key idea a few: Drawback of sociable contact of entertainment


Idea A: a)affects the children's cultures in Fiji

b)Addictive and maintain away from work & education

c)end up spending too much time in entertaining and forget to will work d)may risk losing good friends e. g spend more time in video games e)lose touch with family members

Primary idea 5: Negative effect economically


Idea M: a)clash with culture electronic. g betting

b)culture distress

c)loss of traditional principles and values e. g meke has become generating cash to the travel industry. Realization


of thesis: advantages of entertainment happen to be:

- Personal happiness

-- Social effects

- Cost effective benefits

disadvantages are:

-- Culture surprise

- Decrease of values and beliefs

- Social

-- Economic

Inference: Harmful to Fijian culture

Slows a children's upbringing to a family

Advice: Government is going to take control upon such activities performed that will bring injuries to the region and encourage good things that brings better come back to the society.

Thought to consider: Issue being considered or maybe excessive or being hooked may increase and deliver problems In homes also to the world as a whole. Have got a realistic finances,


This kind of essay will discuss the huge benefits of entertainment socially and economically and consider their disadvantages in Fiji's contemporary society. Firstly, it is going to state the social benefits associated with entertainment to a individual and economically for the country in general. Subsequently, it can consider its disadvantages on social results and embark on to discuss the disadvantages about economically effects in the country. Finally, this composition will conclude that entertainment in Fiji will bring good health to people and at the same time can easily destroy existence therefore; Authorities should carry it under control. Entertainment in Fiji

Entertainment is usually an action, celebration or activity that aims to entertain, entertain and fascination an audience (concise oxford, eighth Ed). Entertainment of any types attracts viewers and manipulates thoughts, with respect to all those participating in all of them. Additionally , entertainment in Fiji also earns money towards the local economy...

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