Economic Evaluation of Olive oil Palm Sector a Case Research of Malay Independent Smallholders in Kuala Langat Dissertation



Last Year Task Report Published in Partial Fulfillment in the Requirements pertaining to the Bachelor of Technology (Hons. ) Technology and Plantation Managing, Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology UniversitiTeknologi MARA


ASSERTION This Last Year Task is a partially fulfilment with the requirements for a degree of Bachelors of Research (Hons. ) Technology and Plantation Administration, Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology, Universiti Teknologi MARA. It is completely my own work and will not be submitted to any other School or higher education institution, or perhaps for any other academic merit in this College or university. Where employ has been made of the work of other people it is often fully known and totally referenced.

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Day: 23 luly 2012

Identity: Siti Farhani binti Awang @ Baharun

that I possess checked this kind of project in addition to my opinion, this project can be adequate with regards to scope and quality for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Science (Hons. ) Technology and Plantation Management, Faculty of Planting and Agrotechnology, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

My spouse and i hereby state

Name of Supervisor: Fazleen Binti Abdul Fatah

Position: Lecturer

Time: 23 Come july 1st 2012

ACCEPTANCE My special appreciation goes to my director, Madam Fazleen Binti Abdul Fatah for her supervision and constant support. Her very helpful help of constructive comments and suggestions throughout the period of this final yr project and preparation of the report include contributed to the achievements of the whole procedure.

My happy thanks is specially dedicated to Tuan Hj. Kandar rubbish bin Sadiman, the village headman of Kg. Sungai Lang Tengah, and En. Mohd Saim rubbish bin Katiman, the village headman of Kilogram. Kanchong Darat who had given me the permission to handle the interview sessions by both spots. I would also like to appreciate the smallholders of equally villages because of their support and cooperation to undergo interview classes.

Not to forget, my personal great appreciation goes to my personal research's partner, Nurul Shafina Hassan that was very supporting and useful to me through my study. The experience through the research has actually taught me to appreciate the actual value of friendship and respect to one another.

Last but not least, my personal deepest gratitude goes to my own beloved father and mother; brothers and sisters for his or her endless like, prayers and encouragement. Thank you very much.



TABLE OF CONTENTS Webpage ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TABLE OF ARTICLES LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF TABLES LIST OF SHORT-HAND ABSTRACT ABSTRAK CHAPTER 1 ) INTRODUCTION 1 . 1 Backdrop of the Examine 1 . a couple of Objectives of Study 1 . 3 Problem Statement 1 ) 4 Hypothesis 1 . 5 Significance of the Study 1 ) 6 Definition of Terms 1 . 6. you Age 1 . 6. 2 Family Size 1 . 6th. 3 Size of Land Possessed 1 . 6. 4 Capital Invested 1 . 7 Constraint of the Research iii iv v ni vii ix x

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LITERATURE REVIEW 2 . zero Overview 2 . 1 Essential oil palm installment payments on your 2 Smallholders 2 . 3 History of the Palm Oil Industry 2 . 4 Current Position of Malaysia's Palm Oil Industry 2 . a few Factors impacting the Production 2 . six Moving the Palm Oil Sector Forward installment payments on your 7 Incentivizing Smallholders to Improve Palm Oil Brings

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MATERIALS AND METHOD several. 0 Advantages 3. one particular Research Style 3. two Research Sites 3. 3 Sample of the Study a few. 4 Study Instrument 3. 5 Info Collection Treatment 3. 6th Data Analysis 3. 6th. 1 Descriptive Statistic Approach 3. 6. 2 Multiple Regression Analysis 3. 7 Socio Economics Characteristics three or more. 7. you Multi Regression Analysis (Tabular Analysis) 3. 8 Tool used to...

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