Unit three or more Lab Essay

Michael Sherman

Unit several Lab

1 . What is the purpose of the address resolution process (ARP)?

ARP translates IP addresses into physical details

2 . Precisely what is the purpose of the dynamic sponsor control protocol (DHCP)?

DHCP eliminates the requirement to assign stationary IP address by allowing a server to give addresses to devices as they connect to the network. several. What is the objective of the powerful name assistance protocol (DNS)?

DNS changes common domain names into IP addresses to route info to the right destination over the internet without having the consumer provide the exact IP address. four. List virtually any two (2) other protocols observed inside the wireshark record and their uses?

SSL – This allows a secure connection between the client and the wanted server

TCP – This kind of protocol really is used to break data down into manageable pieces and deal them to distribute to the right address. a few. /6. I really do not have a VM

7. Find a TCP 3-way handshake for a TELNET session. What is the significance of the TCP 3-way handshake?

A 3-way handshake allows an association to be produced between a customer and hardware. The client sends a SYN requesting an association to the hardware, then the server sends a SYN-ACK back in acknowledge the request, then this client give an ACK to accept the connection towards the server. eight. What is the purpose of the Carbonilla discovery protocol (CDP)?

CDP is used to share information about directly connected Gresca devices, including IP address and operating system information. Also, it is used for on demand routing and so routing protocols do not need to be used in straightforward networks. being unfaithful. Why is employing TELNET a security risk for a great IP network infrastructure?

TELNET is unguaranteed and does not encrypt data transmitted and can be easily intercepted.

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