Supplier Bottom Reduction Essay

Supplier Base Reduction

Provider Base Reduction

Department of Industrial Management and Logistics Label of Engineering Strategies

Planning for Provider Base Lowering

- understanding Supplier Foundation Reduction's role in purchasing A case study for Alfa Laval AB


Fabian Karlsson Sebastian Eriksson-RitzГ©n


Ala Pazirandeh Markus Ekendahl



This thesis completed our Expert of Scientific research in Mechanised Engineering with specialization in Logistics and Supply Chain Supervision at the Teachers of Architectural, Lund University or college. We started this examine by articulating a wish to write the master thesis within getting at Alfa Laval. We would like to appreciate Alfa Laval for providing us with an office at their website in Lund and all the info needed to complete this research. We would love to specifically thank every one of the global buyers and people in Operations Creation who have been very supportive and a great firm, both want to address the supervisors pertaining to the thesis; Ala Pazirandeh and Markus Ekendahl. Ala has continually provided us with superb feedback in our statement writing and has really helped us to enhance the record structure on this study. Markus has presented us with his personal network within Alfa Laval and has together with his knowledge and experience inside purchasing been a great motivation for the future occupations.

Lund, Feb . 2011

Revisionist Karlsson

Sebastian Eriksson-RitzГ©n



Name: Planning for Dealer Base Reduction - understanding Supplier Bottom Reduction's part in purchasing. A case examine at Alfa Laval STOMACH Fabian Karlsson and Sebastian Eriksson-RitzГ©n Ala Pazirandeh, Division of Industrial Administration and Logistics, Lund School Markus Ekendahl, Alfa Laval AB Background: Today individual businesses tend not to compete while isolated organizations, but rather within supply restaurants. Lambert (2008) emphasizes the value of romance management in supply sequence management which is...

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