Cultural Aspects in Italy Essay

•Cultural Elements:

Demographics, Populace & Ethnicities:

France may be the 19th most populous region in the world. The overall French inhabitants is approximated to be 63, 718, 187 with about 60, 876, 135 living in metropolitan France. The largest towns in England are Paris, france, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Nice, and Nantes The French society has a wide diversity of people and ethnicities. Ethnic groups contain Celtic, Latina, Teutonic, Slavic, North Africa, Indochinese, beyond the Basque minorities in the southern region. However , there is also a large percentage of migrants in Portugal (Legal & Illegal). In 2004 an overall total of 140, 033 persons immigrated to England, 90, two hundred fifty were coming from Africa, and 13, 710 were via Europe, this year migrants fell to 135, 890. According to to the The french language National Institute for Figures and Monetary Studies, France has an calculate of 4. 9 million foreign given birth to immigrants, two million that have acquired French citizenship. Religion:

France is a secular country and freedom of faith is a constitutional right. Faith based Statistics in France demonstrate that the human population consists of 83%-88% Roman Catholics, 2% Protestants, 1% Legislation, 5%-10% Muslims, and 4% unaffiliated. Even so these stats may not be exact in practice. Relating to a January 2007 vote by the Catholic World Reports; 51% were identified as becoming Catholics, 31% were identified as being atheists or agnostic, 10% had been identified to become from other beliefs or with no opinion, 4% were identified as Muslims, 3% were recognized as Protestants, and 1% as Jewish. The French political system is legally forbidden from realizing any faith, and it merely acknowledges religious agencies, according to formal legal criteria which experts claim not treat religious regle. Religious agencies do not get involved in policy making, and certain religious symbols happen to be prohibited from being put on in public establishments like the Islamic veil, as well as the Jewish Kippah, which erupted a lot of demonstrations amongst minorities especially Muslims. Vocabulary:

French is known to be the best spoken language in Portugal, and it is considered to be only european nation (excluding microstates) to obtain only one officially recognized vocabulary. The French persons take pride in their language and do not like to always be addressed in other languages via non The french language speaking site visitors. There are different regional dialects like Provencal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish, however 3 rapidly declining. Other languages such as Portuguese, Italian, Maghrebi Arabic, and other Arabic Berber dialects happen to be spoken between immigrants. Therefore , one should work in France using the France language; consequently the issuance of new company catalogues has to be in France and the working staff must be native speakers to allow a thorough understanding of specific customer needs.

Below can be described as table containing some other crucial facts about France.

Age structure

0-14 years: 18. 6% (male six, 063, 181/female 5, 776, 272)

15-64 years: 65. 2% (male 20, 798, 889/female 20, 763, 283)

65 years and over: sixteen. 2% (male 4, 274, 290/female six, 038, 011) (2007 represente. )

Literacy (from age 15)

Total population: 00%

Man: 99%

Female: 00%


Name: Paris

Geographic coordinates: 48 52 N, two 20 Elizabeth

Period difference: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Buenos aires, DC during Standard Time) Daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Saturday in March

National holiday

Fete de la Federation, 14 July (1790). Even though often incorrectly referred to as Citadelle Day, the celebration truly commemorates the break held within the first birthday of the storming of the Fort (on bastille day 1789) and the establishment of any constitutional monarchy; other brands for the break are Fete Nationale (National Holiday) and quatorze juillet (14th of July) A radio station broadcast channels

AM 41, FM about 3, 500 (this figure is a great approximation and includes a large number of...

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