Essay about Comparing Traditions and Manners in The japanese, Brazil, and Egypt

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January 18, 2013


The official language of Japan is Japanese. The required religion can be Buddhism. A meal always has rice, even breakfast. White grain is called gohan. Meals often consist of gohan, a plate of pickles named tsukemono, a bowl of soups, and a number of other meals like fish, meat, and vegetables. This can be called okazu. Since Asia is an island country they consume a lot of seafood which includes squid, crab, octopus, shrimp, whale, lobster and ocean weed. Slurping the soup or perhaps noodles reveals the Japanese that you will be enjoying your meal. When doing business guys should use dark and conservative clothing. Shoes needs to be easy to take out as this will be done typically. When using your bathrooms in someone's home, you'll certainly be required to wear a specific set of slippers before using it. Females should put on low heeled shoes to prevent being taller than guys. Pointing is regarded as rude. It can be custom to reach late, being on time is certainly not expected. Funds is not really openly displayed, use an envelope. The number 18 is bad luck, it sounds like the Japanese expression for loss of life. Business and personal gift giving is very important and should be done at the end of the visit. Business cards should be printed in your home language on one side and in Japanese one the other side of the coin. A bow, not a handshake is the correct way to greet. EGYPT

In Egypt the predominant religious beliefs is Islam. Foreigners are required to gown modestly, usually do not wear Egyptian clothing. Overcoats and ties are required for guys, women should also dress modestly. Egyptians stand very close to one another, moving away from them is seen as a great act of aloofness, yet , opposite people stand additional apart than we perform in the United States. Displaying your boot sole is known as an slander to the additional person you are conference, do not cross your legs during your meeting. Smoking in public places is very prevalent, present and offer your smokes. Arabic is usually read from your right...

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