Essay about Collaberation

Part 1:

Your lover's name: Kelsey Smith

The partner's email address: [email protected] flvs. net

Your topic (" what is a hero? " or perhaps " what exactly monster? " ): what exactly is hero? Time you started out the cooperation: 9/10/14

Date you finished the cooperation:

In six-eight sentences, identify your cooperation project: In this project, my partner and I described what a hero should be to us. Both of us decided that the hero can be someone with pride, who will be willing to make a move to help any person whenever they need it. In our 6 pictures we now have chosen merely you common everyday gentleman. For example , a teacher, the lead musician of your favourite band, firefighter, army guy, police officer and finally, a doctor. These kinds of six types of people have many ways of being a hero me personally and even another person. Each one of these people all help someone in need every single day, whenever they need the help. Portion 2: Connection

Copy/paste the email discussions with your spouse here.

I'm sorry I failed to message you back quicker, I was out of town all weekend and just got back. Attached happen to be pictures of heroism. Intended for the 6th and sixth picture, I was thinking that you and I can look up something that is known as a hero to us. Just like for me, it will be my favorite music group or some thing. That way, we could incorporate ourselves into the task. Just a thought, if you don't want to do that, it's all good, I have two additional pics I am able to send you. (: If you want me to change any of them let me know too. ---------------------------

Upon Mon Sep 15 12: 04: 60 2014, [email protected] flvs. net wrote:

> How is crucial coming?

> ---------------------------

> On Thu Sep 11 16: 56: 14 2014, [email protected] flvs. net wrote: >

> > Let me look for a lot of pics this evening and the next day morning we can use. I really do too, really easier if you have someone you may talk to about this. (: > >

> > From the composition I just copied and pasted a couple issues that I think we can utilization in our explanation. > >

> > " assumes a warlike frame of mind, and...

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