Attendance Monitoring System Essay


Attendance is actually a daily period record of numbers of employee present over a particular day at work, generally defined as a scientific accurate attendance it is a day-to-day obligation of each and every employee's because fullest potential, improvement of job overall performance through of numerous duties and responsibilities for just about any given location. It is very important to the employee, student and etc. to keep up their presence from operate or college. And also include the monthly earnings of the workers. As technology grows fast, certain improvements are becoming developed at present and life is getting even better to live with. It makes every task as easy as possible and nothing seems as well tiring if perhaps human duties are assisted with technology. It can be used in any facets of life.

Through this kind of technology our life makes it easy and fast our operate the office. A great Attendance Monitoring System serves as a time log that is create as a computerized database. Employing of this digital database it could monitor the attendance of every employee at the office. The system keeps a daily record of a person's arrival and departure period from job or university. There is a big difference in saving keeping in case the person is an employee or a student. A great attendance-monitoring system for a staff would consist of employment record, references and performance information. The system contains as well the person's term, address, day time, time, and month. The program keeps data in order which is frequently up to date. When looking for employment, a staff can ask for certain studies to be printed from the presence monitoring system. Through this method can help to identify who cheating the daily time record of some employee did not attending all their work. No matter when you are not able to report on the working day you are consider absence about that working day. Tardiness and under time are deducted from your payroll. Among the component of the attendance, proper attendance can plays a great role in order to be an excellent employee in the offices; a staff requires having good record of attendance to maintain their particular monthly income. That will work as a promoting the employee to get a high placement of their offices. Statement in the Problem

This kind of study aims to develop a computerized attendance monitoring system. Every offices, school, organization and company include own responsibilities of their office buildings. The employees get their individual jobs to do but one thing that never forget of each and every offices and one of the most important is the presence of staff. To solve this issue I suggested a digital database to keep up the attendance of every worker in the office. This study should answer the next questions: 1 . What is the present employee attendance procedure in LGU Pamplona? a. What is the process of the current system?

b. Precisely what is the equipment make use of for retaining the attendance of the worker? c. Exactly what are the problems encountered in the current attendance procedure? installment payments on your What is the process of the new program?

d. The right way to operate the new system?

electronic. What is the device use for the new system?

3. What did the differences between outdated systems to new system? Objectives

The overall objective with this project should be to develop a electronic attendance monitoring system using computer.

Particular objectives of this project will be the following:

1 . Develop a digital attendance monitoring system in the Municipality of Pamplona. installment payments on your Determine the processes of the recommended system.

3. Determining the apparatus will be used to the new system. Scope and Limitations

Generally speaking, this recommended project centers only on the development of the computerized attendance monitoring approach to the Municipality of Pamplona..

The following is definitely the scope and limitation in the project. 1 . Produce a computerized attendance monitoring system inside the Municipality of Pamplona. installment payments on your The system My spouse and i proposed can be focus simply to monitor enough time attendance of...

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