Analysis and Interpretation of information Essay

Out of this it can be said that most of the respondents chosen by using the random sampling method in which youths while using age group of eighteen through twenty years old. The initial on the customer survey asked the respondents what level of education they may have obtained. An enormous number of the participants achieved a secondary education forty five percent, following with a primary education thirty five percent and the community attaining a tertiary education twenty percent. From your information mentioned above it can be declared majority of the youths in Greiggs aren't well educated. The 2nd questionnaire asked the participants how a large number of subjects they may have obtained. An excellent majority of the participants did not obtain a subject matter thirty five percent. Thirty percent gained under five subjects without mathematics and English. 15 percent attained five subject matter including math and English. Ten percent received five subject including math alone. Using this it can be stated that most youths are jobless mainly because they cannot have the educational qualifications or perhaps in other words that they tack they compulsory topics. Question 3 asked the respondents have they ever proved helpful before. Precisely yes and no is definitely 18: six. From this evaluation it can be cannot that the young ones of Greiggs had word before. Of the 25 percent selected by the sample method 18 of them have experienced working encounter prior to the variety of the forms. The remaining six persons have not had any working experience or held any task posts. Relating to issue ten, 60 % of the females were discovered to have kids. Sixty of the figures are unemployed even though the other forty are currently utilized. Seventy five percent of the out of work female participants are dependent upon family and above ones while the remaining 25 depend on good friends. The question tough luck on the questionnaire asked the respondents in the event that they feel the government or private sector is doing enough to combat the...

Primary Education and Belgium Essay