Essay with an Analysis of the Cadastral Devices of New Zealand and Southern region Australia

Task 2: Research Essay A Comparison of the Cadastral Systems in New Zealand and Southern region Australia

Simply by Leighton Joyes


Because of 17/05/2012

New Zealand and South Australia the two stem coming from British heritage and they have got both passed down the common regulation system and developed cartographique systems using this (Toms, Williiamson, & Give, 1988). A cadastre can be defined as " a public enroll usually documenting the area (and spatial location) of land parcels within a country or jurisdiction” (Toms, et 's. 1988). Australia is a federation and works separate cadastral systems in each point out and territory. There is no prescribed organisational framework to these states, and property administration can be described as state government responsibility (Dalrymple, Williamson, & Wallace, 2003). The South Quotes Act was passed in 1834, allowing for the Top to establish one or more colonies inside the south-west of what was in that case New South Wales; however it wasn't till 1836 that Australia started to be a personal entity of Britain (Painter, 2012). Not long after, New Zealand became an english colony through the signing from the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, which proclaimed United kingdom Sovereignty within the land.

The cadastres in New Zealand and Down under serve a similar primary function of providing and tranfering title to land, as well as the registration of any hobbies relating to property (Cadastral Design template, 2003). Having both designed from identical roots many similarities exist between the cadastral systems of recent Zealand and South Quotes, but as the countries possess matured above years, and changes have occurred within Australia, so to possess differences designed between the cadastral systems. This essay looks for to analyse the differences and similarities which exist between the cadastral systems of New Zealand and South Sydney.

As the two New Zealand and Southern Australia were settled by British they both followed a deeds registration system as their initial method of enrolling rights in land. The Deeds Subscription System was based upon the normal law regulation that " No guy could consult better subject then this individual had” (Hinde, 1971). It was an expensive, time intensive, and complex system that required deeds to be signed up, so that title could be produced. Due to the legislation that allowed only equal title to be passed on, should a previous deed be incorrect for whatever reason, every subsequent negotiations were also produced invalid. Inside the mid 1850's Robert Torrens, the Registrar-General of Actions, introduced his system of area transfer to South Sydney, which basic the mistaken system, and provided better security of title (Weir, 2007). The Torrens program was launched into legal statute through the passing of the Real Home Act 1858 (SA). The other states followed suit, implementing this improved system, by simply passing of their own acts, because did New Zealand, because it passed the Land Transfer Act 1870. The most important principle of this new system is that registration delivers title, and upon enrollment a registered owner of any fee straightforward title can be granted an indefeasible subject, providing the transfer was bona fide (Hinde, 1971). Whilst one of the functions of the Genuine Property Action 1858 as well as the Land Copy Act 1870 was to abolish the Deeds system, a few small amounts of land owned or operated under Deed exist in New Zealand and Southern Australia, these types of parcels are generally limited about parcels or title, and in South Quotes the refer to this while the " Old System”.

A majorhisorical difference between the advancements of the cadastral systems in New Zealand and Southern region Australia would be the considerations directed at native or aboriginal name. When the Treaty of Waitangi was agreed upon in1840 Maori ownership of their land and properties was recognised. As a acknowledgment of Maoris relationship with the terrain, customary privileges were presented to in the Treaty, which was afterwards converted into Maori Freehold subject through the Maori Land Courtroom. However when...

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