Their Eyes Were Seeing God Significance Essay

Summer Reading English language IV

September 5, 2011

Tic-Tac Bottom #9

Their particular Eyes Were Watching The almighty features a large number of symbols throughout Hurston's book; however , a single symbol particularly attracts guys towards Janie and produces Janie's graphic and character – her hair. Her hair is short for power to her, an overwhelming presence in the sight of guys, and a strength many people don't expect out on most women during this period. Janie's power and personality are plainly represented in three different ways. First is definitely the first image her curly hair represents, whiteness. In Chapter 19, Mrs. Tuner is racist of all and anything at all related to " Negroes” apart from when the " Negroes” demonstrate a trait of whiteness. Mrs. Tuner desired Janie as being a friend as a result of Janie's " coffee-and-cream skin tone and her luxurious hair” that showed the mark of whiteness within Janie. She worshipped Janie since that frizzy hair brought out a sense of white power that Janie uses, which interferes with the balance between two styles within the book – white colored over dark-colored, and men over female. The second and therefore Janie's frizzy hair holds is definitely the functionality of a phallic image in the story. It's a phallic symbol due to way men are attracted to her frizzy hair like Walt, who was captured " standing behind Janie and combing the back of his side back and forth across the loose end of her braid extremely lightly so as to enjoy the think of it with out Janie understanding what he was doing” in Part 6. This kind of proves the masculinity in Janie's frizzy hair, which guys want so much they're " figuratively wallowing in it while she went about points in the store”. The phallic symbol confused the lines between guy and female, which in turn made Jody jealous of Janie and commanded her to cover her from then on. The ultimate symbol Janie's hair presents is her defiance and solitude in the town's basic standards of her curly hair. In the beginning with the novel, the town's judgment showed that Janie was considered undesired for a female in Janie's age to hold her flowing hair all the time....