Responding to Emergency Service Occurrences Essay

Unit 15: answering emergency service incidents

The 999 program

The 8888888888 system was initially introduced in London on thirtieth June 1937 on the occurrence of a open fire on the tenth November 1935 in a home on Wimpole Street in which five women were wiped out.

The 999 number may be the official emergency contact number for the key solutions which the public can gain contact with twenty-four hours a day for important assistance. Applying this number the caller can call the authorities, Fire & Rescue, Secours, Coast shield, Mountain Recovery and Cave rescue.

The process of which the caller will go through when using the 8888888888 system.

Data file: Flowchart for the 999 crisis call. svg Complete criteria

Incident Grading (P1)

Episode grading is a process just how each urgent service responds, by the actions of top priority.


The authorities have four categories they use to prioritise the happenings that occur

Grade one particular (Emergency Response)

An example of an emergency response can be any circumstance where there can be described as risk to a person's your life or, an individual who has had harmful behaviour or in progress of this behaviour developing. Also virtually any form of crime that is becoming committed or any serious problems for any person.

Grade 2 (Priority Response)

A grade 2 response classifies incidents that may range from a road traffic impact, which involves critical injury with the people involved and blockage of access. Another level 2 response is in which a suspect continues to be arrested or perhaps detained and no danger of this person causing any kind of harm to themselves or another.

Grade 3 (Scheduled Response)

The time in which the police respond to this kind of incident is not of high priority. For example , the police use a statement from a person who has been assaulted. Even so the Police could arrange a time and place to question or perhaps take a statement for the given incident.

Grade 5 (Resolution Without Deployment)

These kind of incidents could be concluded simply by advice within the telephone, or by being directed an Internet site of common questions. An example for anyone incidents could be, a rider has been given a set speeding charges, speeders must attend a speed consciousness course, the authorities can mail a notice, or call the person about the details of if you should attend this system. ____________________________________________________________________________

Tasks and Tasks (P2)

The Roles and Responsibilities of any emergency service that is first to any landscape of an urgent must examine and provide information of the landscape according to the pursuing: Casualties -- how many casualties you will find.

Hazards -- any hazards that may endanger the services or casualties. Access - any kind of obstacles that are preventing the assistance from increasing access to the scene or preventing relief. Location -- identify fastest route to the scene from the emergency episode. Emergency companies - need to provide information on which usually emergency solutions are required at the scene. Form of incident -- they must employ incident grading to assess the specific situation for each unexpected emergency service necessary. Start a log - they have to record every details of each of the above. ____________________________________________________________________________


The roles and responsibilities of the police are to:

Uphold the law the fairly and firmly.

Go after and provide justice people who break the law.

Keep the Queen's peace.

Protect, help and reassure the community.

Operate with integrity, good sense and good judgement.



The roles and responsibilities of the ambulance service are to: Conserve life.

Present treatment, stabilisation and care at the picture.

Provide support to those who have involved with the sufferer.




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