500 days of Summer Essay

Ben is invited by his sister to reconsider his relationship with Summer, indicating that he is only recalling the good. What follows is a flashback to occasions in their romantic relationship, some by which have been recently shown, nevertheless notably, we have a further advancement these scenes. These past scenes had been compiled in the style of a montage and permit us to get a fuller point of view on the relationship as it uses a more realist approach wherever we are shown both the heights and the levels on the romance between Mary and Summertime. For example , inside the photocopy space where that were there kissed in past times, we now see them experiencing distance next moment. We come across another taken, a close up, in which Summertime avoids Tom's offer to carry hands. Both characters had been wearing dark-colored clothing, deepening the entire coloring palette and underlining this kind of separation. The use of lighting illustrates the different occasions of the marriage – whilst some moments are more gaily lit and contain a lighter colour colour scheme, the views in which there may be conflict holds a more sombre colour colour pallette and murky lighting. The non-diegetic music playing consistent with these views is quite melancholic and the lyrics address the concept of time and chasteness which comments the reflecting and sober mood.

1 . Tom's mood can be conveyed in the beginning of the segment as we find Tom face down, slouching over his bed and absentmindedly jumping his ball suggesting a sense of boredom or more so , pensiveness. There is low-class lighting, sending your line a shadow across his face plus the scene exhibits a rather darker colour colour pallette and monochromatic colours. The ball can be bounced away of synchronize and does not arrange with the overcome that is playing from the non-diegetic music. While the field progresses plus the music is definitely introduced further, the rate at which Tom is bouncing the ball begins to pick up in speed and eventually, the bouncing of the ball is eased into the music and is with time with the conquer suggesting that Tom can be...

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