Sci241 Checkpoint: Human Digestive function Essay

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CheckPoint: Human Digestion

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Have you ever considered how the man digestion method works? Your digestion process starts with your mouth. The mouth is where the food enters. Then simply, saliva moistens the food when you chew this with your the teeth. The food after that turns into a soft mass known as bolus. It then moves to the pharynx, a passageway that may be responsible for ingesting. The bolus then moves from the pharynx to the esophagus, a part of the gastrointestinal system that goes from the pharynx towards the stomach, an organ that mixes food and stomach acids to break straight down food in the digestion method. The bolus is mixed with acid to alter into chyme, a foodstuff mass that may be semiliquid, because it gets to the stomach. Inside the stomach, meals is somewhat digested and leaves the stomach in 2 to 6 hours. The time it takes for the chyme to leave the stomach depends on the size and sort of the meals that was eaten. When the chyme leaves the stomach, it goes toward the small intestinal tract, a tube-shaped organ that completes the digestion of food. Additionally it is where the many nutrient ingestion occurs. When the chyme leaves the small intestinal tract, it goes in the large is going to, another tube-shaped organ. It provides the colon and anal area. This is where water and vitamin supplements are consumed. Once the chyme leaves the best intestine, this exits the entire body from the anus, an external starting where broken down food leaves the body through feces.

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